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About Bayview Research Group

Bayview Research Group (BRG) is a clinical research service provider delivering a critical link between Southern California’s communities and your trial sponsors.

DSC_0332-webWe have specialized in total site management for more than 200+ Phase II-IV clinical trials over the past 12 years. Our staff has over 30 years of combined experience in research study coordination, project management, monitoring & auditing, regulatory affairs, group facilitation, and information technology.

At BRG we are dedicated to conducting clinical research studies effectively, efficiently, and responsibly.

BRG is a small, flexible company, which allows us to provide highly customized services and to be responsive to the specific needs of the particular study, sponsors, and investigators.

We understand the importance of establishing and maintaining strong working relationships. We make this a priority throughout the entire project lifecycle. We emphasize good communication among all members of the research project team: the sponsor/CRO, project manager, IRB, investigator, research staff, and study subjects.

BRG delivers excellent value with minimal overhead costs.

DSC_0268-webLocated in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, we have long-established relationships with a large number of medical clinics and physician networks. Our multi-lingual staff can facilitate a diverse range of study participants to ensure well-rounded data that reflects America.

Patient care is provided in our beautiful, modern facility with state-of-the-art equipment, including:

  • Three examination rooms
  • Full x-ray lab
  • Comfortable and private monitor workspace with landline telephone, cable broadband internet access, high-speed photocopier, electric 3-hole punch, video projector, and refrigerator/beverage bar.
  • Controlled access, double-locked study drug storage area
  • Specimen processing area with microscope, centrifuge, and temperature-monitored refrigerator
  • 12-lead ECG unit
  • Pulmonary stress test station
  • DEXA scanner

For participant convenience and screening flexibility, our facility and staff are available for extended hours, including evenings and weekends.

We are a research center of excellence that prides itself in providing comprehensive healthcare through conducting safe and ethical clinical trials. All studies are carefully selected in regards to our patients’ needs and safety.

Our dedicated clinical research staff are trained with an emphasis on patient well-being while maintaining the utmost attention to safety and good clinical practice. We’re sensitive to personal and confidentiality issues.

Our vision at BRG begins with a commitment to raising the standard of healthcare through patient-focused clinical research. Through this unique setting, our physicians provide extra care to patients. Clinical research enables us to go above and beyond the typical level of care seen in doctors’ offices and managed care organizations; allowing us to provide our patients with optimal treatment options.

We are proud to provide exemplary service to all patients, including those who are otherwise unable to afford it. Our approach supports a more comprehensive, satisfying experience, which benefits patients, practicing physicians, and the community.

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